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i3 Energy appreciates the opportunity to partner with like-minded companies. We are often described as being flexible, innovative, solutions-driven and willing to work with others. We can help expand your trade ally network, train them in areas beyond lighting and work with them to increase energy savings. If you have needs in the following areas, please contact us!

Trade Ally Recruitment and Energy Advisor Services

In an energy efficiency arena where savings achieved through lighting alone have diminished, the i3 Energy team of advisors can recruit, educate, and train program allies, expanding their service offerings and diversifying your program portfolio. We’re an asset to any energy efficiency program because of our ability to pass along technical knowledge and guidance to program allies on measures extending to HVAC, refrigeration, energy management systems, even EV charging.

Measure Installation

Our licensed professionals and seasoned installers have completed hundreds, if not thousands, of projects in measure categories including lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, energy management systems, and EV charging stations.

Inspection Services

We do the legwork required to perform pre- and post-installation inspections for commercial, industrial, and public sector projects. Put our decades of field knowledge to work inspecting lighting, refrigeration, HVAC, compressed air, industrial equipment, and energy management systems.

Program Management Software

Energy Snapshot is a database-driven software developed specifically for implementing energy efficiency direct install programs. Its configurable platform and user-friendly interface stem from decades of program administration and trade ally use. Its thoughtful design addresses all the pain points of administering an energy efficiency program, such as:

  • Streamlining the application review process by integrating checks and balances along the way
  • Providing a real-time look at project pipeline
  • Creating custom energy assessment reports and work orders
  • Storing all the files associated with a project in one place
  • Ensuring security through hosting on Amazon Web Service (AWS), the leading cloud provider in the market.
  • Providing a better user experience with an appealing interface design

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