Energy Snapshot

Your Energy Evaluation, Measurement and Verification Tool

Energy SnapshotTM is a customizable software solution for either commercial or residential energy efficiency programs. In many cases we bring Energy Snapshot to the table for program implementation. But Energy Snapshot is also available for licensing.

How It Works

Energy Snapshot gathers customer enrollment, site assessment, site photos, and site documentation data. It calculates savings estimates and produces a visually appealing customer assessment report. Depending on program design, work orders can also be generated clearly showing trade allies what measures they are installing and allowing for final customer review and approval. All documentation is stored within Energy Snapshot which is hosted on Amazon Web Service, the leading cloud provider in the market. This helps make Evaluation Measurement & Verification a breeze!

Features and Benefits

Simplify Your Application Review Process

Snapshot reduces project review time by integrating checks and balances throughout the application process. So, when an app is submitted, variables like utility account numbers, address verification, and DLC product eligibility are complete and accurate.

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Accurately Predict Your Pipeline

Database-driven project tracking provides a real-time look at energy efficiency projects that are waiting in the pipeline, in progress, or have been completed. This allows for better program planning as energy savings and budget spend are always up to date.

Customize Your Reporting

Create custom energy assessment reports that highlight energy and dollar savings benefits for customers. These reports can be designed to meet utility branding requirements.

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Simplify Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification (EM&V)

EM&V becomes much less daunting when all the files associated with a project are stored in one place. No more searching.

Tighten Your Security

Energy Snapshot is hosted on Amazon Web Service (AWS), the leading cloud provider in the market. Another advantage of Energy Snapshot is that it allows administrators to instantaneously grant and remove user access.

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Better User Experience

Trade ally feedback informed the interface design making Energy Snapshot inviting to the eye and simple to use.

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